The Dragon’s Den

Every land offers an incredible heritage of tales, orally handed down over the centuries. These are mostly short stories, set in a remote and undefined ages, based on fictional events and fantastic characters. Like legends,they may contain real elements enriched and reelaborated through fantasy with a recreational and educational purpose. These stories often refer to a specific place (a lake, a boulder, a cave …), and celebrate its origins by magnifying its mystery.

The Dragon’s Den draws inspiration from this heritage of stories and legends. It shapes them weaving a unique and original plot to unveil, to the disenchanted gaze of our time, the close connection between the fantastic dimension and concrete reality.


The Dragon’s Den finds its natural location in those same places from which it draws its own fantastic and real dimension: Lake Pratignano in the municipality of Fanano, in the Upper Modena Apennines, under the protection of the Regional Park since 1988 and Unesco Heritage since 2015.

Fanano (MO)
1 day
Basic Excurs.
” On a beautiful spring day a long time ago , around the beginning of the last century, a pretty young girl was climbing up the steep cobblestone path leading to the Cinghio pastures. She was wearing a wide skirt, her hair was tied back and her small, deep black eyes were looking down. As she was passing by an ancient spring with a pouting and frowning face something attracted her attention: a magical twinkle in the water. Holding her breath she approached it with eyes wide open and bent slowly until she plunged her hand into the icy water. She grabbed something and lifted it up in the air. It was a marvelous pebble, with shimmering colors, perfectly shaped … as a star “


The Dragon’s Den can be told on a one-day walk along a simple but surprising itinerary , stopping by all the significant locations in the story. It is an ideal “first approach” to StoryTrekking, suitable to all seasons, even at night or in the snow. Open to families with children when indicated in the program.

The Dragon’s Den has its natural continuation in On the banks of the Tanana. The two stories can be combined in a single solution either as a multi-day hiking tour through the valleys of the Upper Modena Apennines or as a series of daily hikes on non-consecutive dates (package formula).

The Dragon’s Den is also available as a Yoga & StoryTrekking retreat with accommodation at a farmhouse equipped with a large yoga room.


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