Modena Apennines

The “Upper Modena Apennines” Regional Park offers a rich and extremely varied natural environment. Stretching over more than 15 thousand hectares, its height ranges from 500 mt. (just under 2000 ft) above sea level up to over 2000 mt. (6000 ft) on top of Mount Cimone, the highest mountain in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The landscape is made of glacial cirques, some of which, with time, have turned into  peat bogs, wide valleys, cut by streams, thick forests of beechwood or conifers and endless blueberry moorlands one after the other reflect themselves in crystal clear ponds. Tiny snow-covered valleys sit on the slopes of the highest mountains, where the golden eagle flies undisturbed. This is a unique habitat, the ideal environment for the growth and conservation of numbers and varieties of rare plants and animals.

Our two stories, The Dragon’s Den and On the Banks of the Tanana are shaped in this land, offering glimpses of either well-known places or undisclosed ones, off the beaten tracks.

Tuscan Apennines

Mount Amiata, the mother of all mountains, is the highest volcano in the Italian peninsula. With its stretching slopes It merges with the wild Maremma landscape to the west and the wavy hills of the Val d’Orcia to the east. It is the most unusual and precious corner of Tuscany, dotted with ancient medieval villages, thermal springs and endless beech woods.

Our story Rebel Spirits is set in this land rich in contrasts and characterized by an ancient isolation.

Belluno Dolomites

Known as the Pale Mounts and a World Heritage Site, Belluno Dolimites hide secret corners which still preserve their wild and untouched beauty. Dino Buzzati wrote about them: “enigmatic, intimate, secret (…) And yet moving for the stories they tell, for the scent of past centuries, for the loneliness comparable to that of the deserts”.

One of the locations we love the most is San Lucano valley, in the Belluno Dolomites: It’s called Wanderland, or the Valley of Dreams.